Frauenfilmfestival_im_Dialog_2012We look forward to seeing you there (lloyd agencies) the 4th Annual Northern Rockies Bioneers Conference (NRBC) will take place October 20th through the 22nd at the Emerson Cultural Center in the heart of Bozeman. This inspiring three day weekend will highlight dozens of local and regional innovative speakers and workshops, youth programs, an Aerial Art Project, the annual Reel 2 Real Film Festival, music with Michael Franti & Spearhead, local farm meals, and a lifetime of education and inspiration. Bioneers is rippling through the northwest communities as a stellar celebration and educational movement, and we invite you to join us!

About the Bioneers Conference
iceecmpe (1)Northern Rockies Bioneers brings together progressive communities in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, provides resources, tools, and inspiration to build a sustainable, culturally-rich, active, and well-networked community. NRB encourages the value of networking, self-empowerment of local communities, the gathering and sharing of stories, and the involvement of decision-makers, policy makers, corporate leaders, community leaders, media, teachers, youth, and other community members.

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NRB provides a gathering place for common ground ideas to be put into action, alliances to be built, new grassroots movements initiated, and innovative ideas brought to the table. The annual Bioneers Conference is a hub of practical solutions for restoring the Earth – and people. It’s a thriving network of visionary innovators who are working with nature to heal nature. The bioneers draw from four billion years of evolutionary intelligence and apply nature’s operating instructions in practical ways to serve human ends harmlessly. We herald a dawning age of interdependence founded in natural principles of diversity, kinship, community, cooperation and reciprocity.

Frauenfilmfestival_im_Dialog_2012The good news is that for the most part the solutions to our problems are already present. The models percolate up from the deep wisdom of the natural world. Extraordinary human creativity focused on problem solving is exploding the mythology of despair. The bioneers focus equally on the creative social strategies that can help us realize these solutions by restoring community, justice and democracy. Over and over, it’s the story of how one individual can make a difference.

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